Original Characters

Sachi is my mascot and represents me as an artist! She is a tanuki who loves to illustrate.

With the power of her magic leaf, she can transform her hair and outfit to whatever suits the occasion! It's the perfect cosplay tool. Don't touch it, or else!

Mikan, the Tiger

Hot blooded and competitive!

Mochi, the Rabbit

Bouncy and energetic!

Saya, the Blossoming Reaper

She has come to guide you. It is easy to get lost in the spirit world.
Have no fear, just follow the bright red flowers.
They blossom along the path to the afterlife.

Hikari, the Solace in the Snow

In the harshest winter blizzards, you might encounter a light.
Surely it's a gift from the gods! At last, shelter from the cold.
It's a warm, inviting light. Perhaps... a little too warm?

Kirai is a dark witch of hatred.

She is particularly adept at breaking things: hopes, dreams, and hearts. Unlike Ai, Kirai thrives off negative emotions. You would have to imagine they wouldn't get along well...

Ai is a magical girl who loves loving!

She makes an appearance during Valentine's Day to cast love spells and spread togetherness. Though, someone might want to stop her in case she gets out of hand...

Michiko, the Spirit of the Woods

A trail of wonderful lights and critters dot their way through the thicket.
If you follow them, you won't find Michiko, but you'll find your way home.
So long as you are kind to her forest, she will protect you.

Moeka is the mascot for a project I've been working on! She's a delinquent with something to prove.